Faculty Achievements

  • Manas Mukul: Invited to be a part of a National level Study on Modelling Fault Zone Induced Surface Mass Transport for study of Fault related Hazards in the Himalayan Towns, 2020 sponsored by the Govt. of India.
  • S. S. Patra: Awarded the best paper in FICTA 2020 conference held at NIT, Suratkal India.
  • P. Pattanayak: Awarded the best paper in International Conference in Innovative research in Engineering and Science held at AIT, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Rabindra Barik: Awarded the best paper in ICSCC-2017 conference held at NIT, Kurukhetra, India.
  • Rabindra K. Barik: Participated and presented the paper at IEEE TENCON 2017 at Penang, Malaysia
  • Kaish Q Khan: lead the SIFE-KISS-KIIT to win the SIFE Unilever Special Prize-I and Regional Championship
  • Kaish Q Khan awarded the prestigious ATDOP Scholarship at University of Oregon by Dept. of State, USA

Student Achievements

  • KIIT FEST 3rd Prize: SCA students awarded the 3rd prize in decoration for Tribal theme, 2020.
  • Rahul Talukdar: Presented the project R-Workbench bagged prizes at Hackathon conducted by VARCoE (Virtual Augmented Reality Centre of Excellence) IIT Bhubaneswar, 2019.
  • Amit Kumar Mishra: District Champion in Badminton and played for state, 2019.
  • Ritesh Kimar Jena: Representing KIIT University in Cricket
  • Rohan Kumar: Won the Jharkhand Startup-Hackathon-2019 competition.
  • Priyanuj Chakraborty: Silver medal in National Senior men’s category (Kick fight) held at Indoor stadium, Hyderabad,2018
  • Arghya Mitra: Participate in 9th International Yoga Conference, Dec27-30, 2018, Kaivalyadham
  • Bhagyalaxmi Barik:
    • Participation in 16th Asian Game Rugby (China) 2010. Rugby
    • Asian Championships (Malaysia, Singapore) 2010.Rugby
    • 1st World cup Qualifier Match (India) 2012.Rugby
    • 2nd Asian Championship (India) 2011, 2013.Rugby
    • 8th National Match Runner-up 2013.Rugby
    • 2nd Central zone Match Champion 2013.Rugby
    • National Level Women’s Rugby, 4-6th July 2014.(Runners Up)
    • National Level Women’s Rugby, 28-29th September 2014(Champion).
    • Asian Women’s 7th Rugby Tournament, 9-10th November 2014(Participant).


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  • Ray, Ratula, Debasish Kumar Mallick, and Satya Ranjan Dash. “Intelligent energy-efficient healthcare models integrated with IoT and LoRa network.” In Sensors for Health Monitoring, pp. 157-174. Academic Press, 2019.


  • Ramesh Singh: Singham Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
  • Tusar Guru: RET India, Bhubaneswar
  • Nihar Samantray: Erudite Human Resource Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Lingaraj Sethi: Cyberdine Digitals.
  • Sudipta Dhara: packr.in, www.paaltao.com
  • Milan Kumar Sahu: Maa Baleswary Roller Flour Mills, Puri